The Establishment of Santana

1.  Founded in 2017 by a Cambodian founder

2.  Contribute to the development of real economic sector

3.  Contribute to the local and regional economy

4.  Create domestic value added

5.  Introduce Cambodian agricultural products to international market


Santana’s Profile at Glance

1.  Santana plantation, 4,200 ha

2.  ELC, 12,000 ha in 2021

3.  Plant Compound, 7.5ha

4.  Truck Weight Station,1 set

5.  Nut Inventory Warehouse, 1,800m2

6.  Office and Storage, 1,600m2

7.  Facility Warehouse, 960m2

8.  Fresh Nut Drying Yard, 30,000m2

9.  Processing Factory, 3,850m2


Santana and the Community

1.  Big and small traders

2.  Military farm households

3.  Cashew Association, Federation

4.  Large and small producers


Cambodia Certificate

Company Official Registrations


Targeted Markets

1.  Finest quality, best for health

2.  Originality/Local variety.

3.  Competitive price, 9.5 USD/kg for M23

4.  Contribute to the development process



Marketing Channel

1.  B2B

2.  B2C

3.  Referral

4.  Webpage

5.  Social Media



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Local Producer, Traders, Association

1.  Promote small [local] producers.

2.  Work closely with local small traders

3.  Provide agricultural technical supports and supply agricultural inputs

4.  Promote cashew nut associations



1.  Head Office, 15 (one male); factory office, 15; Plantation office, 20.

2.  Workers at Factory, 120 (Female 60% and minority ethnic groups)

3.  Workers at plantations about 200, mostly women and minority ethnic groups.


Local Economy

1.  Generate local income via creating local employment, economic opportunities

2.  Create backward and forward linkages in the region


Global Value Chain

1.  Design

2.  Production

3.  Division of labor

4.  Technological diffusion

5.  Marketing

6.  Support to final consumers


World Best Quality by Distance and Competitive Price


Finest quality for health


Competitive price or relatively lower price by quality standard


Provide jobs and opportunities to local communities, especially minority ethnic groups and women