About Us

OUK Kimsan - CEO

He is a highly experienced manager, a warm people’s person, with advanced problem-solving skills. With a consistent record of managing complex projects.


Santana’s long-term vison is to contribute to the course of the Cambodian development process via the agricultural development and the agro-processing industry. Santana is commitied to build the largest and best agro-processing plant in the country and plant the high value commercial crops for the domestic processing industry and international exports where all stakeholders—small and large producers, small and large traders, small and large processors, agricultural cooperatives, agricultural associations, military households, and other bystanders—can coexist and share prosperity.


To realize the Vision, there are three important missions. Santana is commitied to produce the best quality of commercial crops by taking into account the advanced agricultural techniques, high quality agricultural inputs, and innovations and R&D. Santana is determined to keep processing the finest agricultural products, especially the world best finished cashew kernels and building a highly reputable Cambodian brand for agricultural products in the global arena. Santana is devoted to the significant contribution of the course of the sustainable economic development of the kingdom by sharing the fruit of the development with all stakeholders involved.


To promote Cambodian agricultural sector to meet international standards. To improve agroculture and other food processing technologies, techniques, know-hows and skills development to push the product



Santana Agro Products focuses mainly on the agricultural plantation, the agricultural inputs, and the agro-processing in collaboration with local farmers, traders, and associations. Over the years, Santana has increased its plantation areas from merely 1,000 ha to +4,000 ha and has recently secured the Deforested Economic Land Concession (ELC) from the Government of 12,000 ha for high value crops and trees in accordance with the United Nation Convention on Carbon Stock for which the RGC adopted.


Santana Agro Products Com., Ltd. is a Cambodian owned company established in 2017 with a long-term vision to contribute to the sustainable development of the Cambodian agricultural processing sector and the development of high value commercial crops, cashew nuts, rubber latexes, and fresh mango in the global market. 


  Santana plantation, 4,200 ha                       Office and Storage, 1,600m2

  ELC, 12,000 ha in 2021                                  Facility Warehouse, 960m

  Plant Compound, 7.5 ha                               Fresh Nut Drying Yard, 30,000m2

  Truck Weight Station, 1 set                           Processing Factory, 3,850m2

  Nut Inventory Warehouse, 1,800m2






Santana agro processing plant is located in the KM 43rd of the national road no. 62 of Chioak village, Romany commune, Rovieng district, Preah Vihear Province. This strategic location allows Santana to collect cashew nuts from small and large producers, small and large traders and also associations.