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Santana agro products cambodia cashew nut

Santana Agro Products
Santana Agro Products
Santana Agro Products
Santana Agro Products
Santana Agro Products
Santana Agro Products
Santana Agro Products

About Us

Santana Agro Products focuses mainly on the agricultural plantation, the agricultural inputs, and the agro-processing in collaboration with local farmers, traders, and associations. Over the years, Santana has increased its plantation areas from.....

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Santana Agro Products Com., Ltd. is a Cambodian owned company established in 2017 with a long-term vision to contribute to the sustainable development of the Cambodian agricultural processing sector and the development of high value commercial c.....

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Mr. OUK Kimsan

He is a highly experienced manager, a warm people’s person, with advanced problem-solving skills. With a consistent record of managing complex projects.

  • 01 Vision

    Santana’s long-term vison is to contribute to the course of th Cambodian development process via the agricultural development and the agro-processing industry. Santana is commitied to build the largest and best agro-processing plant in the country and plant the high value commercial crops for the domestic processing industry and international exports where all stakeholders—small and large producers, small and large traders, small and large processors, agricultural cooperatives, agricultural associations, military households, and other bystanders—can coexist and share prosperity.

  • 02 Mission

    To realize the Vision, there are three important missions. Santana is commitied to produce the best quality of commercial crops by taking into account the advanced agricultural techniques, high quality agricultural inputs, and innovations and R&D. Santana is determined to keep processing the finest agricultural products, especially the world best finished cashew kernels and building a highly reputable Cambodian brand for agricultural products in the global arena. Santana is devoted to the significant contribution of the course of the sustainable economic development of the kingdom by sharing the fruit of the development with all stakeholders involved.

  • 03 Objecttive

    To promote Cambodian agricultural sector to meet international standards. To improve agroculture and other food processing technologies, techniques, know-hows and skills development to push the product

  • 04 Biology

    Ouk Kimsan is the founder of Sanatan Agro Products Co., Ltd. He is the agriculturalist graduated from Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology in Japan in 2005. He used to work 15 years for government sector in the Forestry Administration of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, in charging in forestry rehabilitation and natural resource management as director of Cardamoms Mountain Conservation and Protection Program. He used to work as national counterpart for several projects with JICA, GTZ and other international NGOs on the field of forestry rehabilitation, afforestation and community forestry development. He used to develop community based-natural resource use and community forestry throughout the country by working with many different local communities and national and international experts on forestry sector.

     After leaving from government sector in 2011, Kimsan started his new carrier with a private company as general managing director to develop large scale plantation of rubber, cashew nut and pepper on the 7,000 hectares of economic land concession in Preah Vihea province. For the 5 years of work to develop large scale of commercial plantation, Kimsan was working hardly to develop the large scale of commercial plantation very well by doing a lot challenging activities ranging from plantation techniques to leadership management. He was able to finish successfully to develop 6000 hectares of rubber plantation, 600 hectares of cashew nut plantation and 50 hectares of pepper farm, and all infrastructures needed in the farm within 4 years.

    In early 2016, Kimsan left from the private company and started to set up his own business on logistic field and also converted his personal small scale farm into the commercial plantation of rubber and cashew nut. Looking into the long term vision of agricultural business sector in Cambodia, in 2017, Kimsan set up Sanata Agro Products Co., Ltd focusing on the trade of agricultural products and developing cashew nut processing plant. In the recently years, due to market demand for cashew nut from Vietnam as well as the world, Cambodian farmers have developed a lot of cashew nut plantations year to year and exports most of its raw cashew nut into Vietnam directly without processing. By seeing the advantage of converting the raw cashew nut into processed cashew nut for value added product, Kimsan has started learning about cashew nut processing skill from late 2016 by going to Vietnam and China to study from several cashew nut entrepreneurs and business partners in both processing knowledge and market demand.

    From mid-2017, Kimsan has started setting up Sanatana’s Standard Cashew Nut Processing Plant at his own farm in Preah Vihear province. The cashew nut processing plant will be finished by November 2018 and start it full operation in December 2018 and ready to export processed cashew nut to the world markets by early 2019.

    Beside that Kimsan is also developing model and demonstration farm of cashew nut in order to show and transfer skill and knowledge of cashew nut diversification to cashew nut farmers and planters in Cambodia.

    Education background:

    • Bachelor Degree on Forestry Science in 1997 at Cham Kar Doung Royal University of Agriculture in Cambodia.
    • Master Degree in Agriculture Science in 2005 at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology in Japan.
    • Long term training program in Japan funded by JICA on Reforestation Promotion Leader 2000.

Santana Agro Products

Production Capacity And Quality

Table results of laboratory test Carbohydrate

Cambodia33 g
Vietnam23.6 g
Brazil20.9 g
India19.9 g
Ivory Coast19.6 g

Cashew Nut


The variety M23 is an attractive grade which is bigger than the local ones


The variety H09 is an moderate grains grade cambodia cashew nut

Dong Nai

Dong Nai cashe Nut is an bigger then khmer cashew nut cambodia cashew nut


The Khmer cashe Nut is an small grade grain cambodia cashew nut

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we understand the importance of teamwork and have compiled of the best teamwork

Santana Agro Products

Mr Ouk Kimsan


we understand the importance of teamwork and have compiled of the best teamwork

Santana Agro Products

Mr Luch Likanan

Deputy Director

we understand the importance of teamwork and have compiled of the best teamwork

Santana Agro Products

Ms. Lidet

Office Manager

we understand the importance of teamwork and have compiled of the best teamwork

Santana Agro Products



we understand the importance of teamwork and have compiled of the best teamwork


There are mainly two grades of so-called M23-Cashew nuts that have been trading in Cambodia as well as across neighboring countries.

No Specifications Moisture Broken Scrapes Spotied
1 W180 5% 5% 5% 1%
2 W240 5% 5% 5% 1%
3 W320 5% 5% 5% 1%
4 W450 5% 5% 5% 1%
No Specifications Moisture Broken Scrapes Spotied
5 SW320 5% 0% 5% 1%
6 LBW240 5% 0% 5% 1%
7 LB320 5% 0% 5% 1%
8 LP410 5% 0% 5% 1%

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